The origin of Suomy is undeniably a quintessentially Italian and family orientated. After a lengthy tenure at Yamaha, Umberto Monti, the visionary behind Suomy, opted for a new direction. Helmets were his enduring passion, and he initially ventured into the world of distribution, serving as the first European distributor for Bell helmets and later for Japanese DIC helmets. Yet, it was the profound connection to "Made in Italy" that truly fueled his enthusiasm. Enlisting the aid of his two brothers, Valter, an accomplished motocross rider, and Maurizio, a nuclear engineer, the trio pooled their talents and founded Suomy—an entirely Italian brand that exudes a Japanese essence. Right from its inception, Suomy, with its vibrant red "dot," carved out a distinct and unparalleled presence atop the heads of riders. This decision was a resounding success, as the brand embodied a winning spirit, exuding a bold and high-speed aesthetic, coupled with an unwavering commitment to top-notch quality.
In just a few short years, Suomy had solidified its global reputation as a provider of top-notch products, achieving significant milestones. However, as time passed, the brand's scope expanded beyond the realm of motorsports. Recognizing this evolution, Suomy made the strategic decision to divest its motor-oriented segment, redirecting its focus towards protective and environmentally-friendly products. The first frontier in this new direction was the world of cycling. Here, the three brothers embarked on a journey to create something truly innovative, infused with the Suomy DNA: a commitment to Italian craftsmanship and unwavering quality. On one hand, athletes turned to Suomy for safety, comfort, and the cutting-edge technical solutions for racing that only Valter and Maurizio could conceive and develop. On the other hand, Umberto championed a daring, groundbreaking aesthetic that pushed the boundaries of innovation. It was this relentless pursuit of beauty that prompted Suomy to expand its offerings to include riding helmets. These products featured a blend of advanced techniques and captivating colors that would go on to etch their names into the annals of history, all while remaining true to Suomy's fundamental ethos – "BORN TO BE #1."
Embracing a life philosophy centered on the pursuit of the novel and the extraordinary, Suomy has notched a series of illustrious patents within the helmet industry, including their most recent breakthrough in cycle helmet technology. When your profession is driven by an unwavering passion, as exemplified by the Suomy team, innovation is virtually guaranteed. They exhibit an insatiable quest for distinctiveness, continually pushing the boundaries of performance. Even the minutiae, such as the matte finishes that reduce air resistance, become subjects of intense scrutiny and discussion, inching the brand closer to perfection, one meticulous step at a time. Within Suomy's ranks, our technicians consistently yearn for something more, fueling an unrelenting dedication to research and development—an obsession that encapsulates the essence of Suomy's ethos.